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Here is the cold, stony, dark reality for all humans: we were born sinners. The problem has always been sin.  As a matter of fact, there were no problems at all until there was sin, because sin is the father of all other problems.  Adam and Eve rebelled against the lone Authority who was also the highest Authority, and humanity on earth thus began to experience a cascading flow of sin which still pours strong today.  The greatest evidence of sin’s awful power is the reality of deathEverything on earth dies. The animal kingdom is subject to death.  The plant kingdom bows to death.  The celestial realms are marked by death as massive stars burn themselves out with regularity.  Then, here we come. We appear next on death’s list of claims.  The elderly die.  Infants die.  Prime-of-life powerhouses will fall down dead today all over the planet.  God’s original design was that mankind would live in oneness with Him in uninterrupted bliss in an eternal paradise, yet He gives man a choice in the matter; we have all chosen sin which has brought about the most significant aspect of death: we are dead to God and stand in need of being born anew.

“I am the resurrection and the life. Whoever believes in Me, though he die, yet shall he live,  and everyone who lives and believes in Me shall never die. Do you believe this?” – John 11:25-26

Yes, I believe You, Jesus.  I believe what You have said, and I have staked my entire existence upon this. We who are dead to God must be raised again and Jesus has dogmatically communicated that He is that Resurrection.  He has further proclaimed that those who believe Him – though they experience physical death – can never know the fullness of death’s power. What do I mean by that?

Death is far deeper and darker than the ceasing of brain activity or the stoppage of the heart.  The extent of death is shown in Scripture to be a realm of being; it is the conscious experience of being completely separated from God – who is Life – for all of eternity.  Jesus has just told us that those who will trust Him will never know death in that deepest sense.  Instead He offers us Himself and, inherent in that offer is the fullness of Life.  We have eternal life in Christ and are partakers of His resurrection power.  Death and the grave have forfeited their stings and have fumbled their victory.  Sin hurled it’s mightiest weapon at Christ and He took the full brunt of it on Calvary’s cross when He was impaled there for all my transgression.  Jesus took my sin, my judgment, the condemnation I earned, the wrath I deserved, all of my guilt, and the totality of my death sentence. Three days afterward, He emerged from an impotent tomb as the Champion.

The choicest weapon of the enemy has been found lacking.

Life swallows death…seeds and all.

I’m grateful to have been given the Answer to the very issue that most people fear – this issue of death.  Because of Jesus Christ I can face death and know that, though it shall show me its teeth, it has forever lost its bite.  As Jesus was raised in glory, I will be raised in glory.  As Jesus has entered paradise, I will also follow Him there.  As Jesus could never be held by the cords of death and judgment, I also have passed from their daunting decree over me. By grace, I have been saved and liberated. By His life, I have been made into one who will never truly die.  I have been given the Answer, and I again find it today so fine and so very fragrant.  Apart from this Answer there is nothing else that matters for us.  Within this Answer I have everything I have ever needed and longed for…plus so much that has not even entered my little mind.  Today is another day of hope, and I believe that it is wholly appropriate that I spend most of this day rejoicing.

Would you care to join me? Then take a moment and center yourself if in explosive truth that you are His and He is your life.

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  1. I really enjoyed the way posted this. Death at one time was really scary. I was 48 when I got Saved and actually very short time “death” was never an enemy again it almost became a friend. I know when death arrives I get to be with my Lord Jesus. Thanks my brother!

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