Why He Makes Us Wait

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Recently, we finished up a 6-message Wednesday night series that focused on worship scenes which take place in the Book of Revelation. That series (along with all other series & sermons) can be accessed in the free Transforming Truth App for anyone who wishes to watch or listen to them. This morning, I solidified our next midweek series, and I got …


Heaven Is Not Nearly Enough

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Vacation breaks are always good for me on some level. God wired me to work, to accomplish and to complete tasks, and I enjoy living out the purposes He has designed for me. Yet, running hard for months on end without stopping to refresh and recalibrate myself is unwise.  That is why, when we packed up the van ten days ago, …


Kingdom Smearing

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If you did not read my previous two posts concerning the activity of Satan against you, then please check them out so that you can properly celebrate what is written in today’s post.  I purposefully left a little time between these posts so that you would really consider the reality of your life being in the crosshairs of the most evil being …


Saturday ‘s To-Do List

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Here comes one of the most frantic days of the week. Before it swallows us, here are some things that I hope are on your To-Do list.  Ready, set, Go! Love as God has loved you.   Extend grace to others in the same measure which God has extended it to you.   No bottling up of mercy and compassion …


Unforced Errors

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I have no shame in admitting that I enjoy watching the Atlanta Braves play baseball on television.  It adds nothing to my soul and likely assists me in keeping the flabby tonnage that I need to shed as I sit in my recliner instead of walking on the treadmill, but I’ve been doing it since I was eleven years old …


Moving Forward From The Potential God

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Allow me to provoke you to consider something about the Kingdom today.  Most followers of Jesus are clear concerning our mission as the people of God.  We are called to advance the Kingdom of God by proclaiming the good news of Jesus Christ, and compelling people to acknowledge His lordship over their lives by faith.  In essence, as followers of …


Eat Your Opposition For Breakfast

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Once the Father births a vision in your heart, you become connected to a sense of meaningfulness about why you are here on planet earth.  Most people never experience this inestimable privilege.  They hit that conveyor belt of whatever culture they are born into and simply take a number and live for whatever everyone else around them is living for.  …


Toppling Giants

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King David is my favorite person in the Old Testament.  A very rare mixture characterizes David’s heart as a man who was both a poet and warrior.  He wrote beautiful songs for God but also cut off the head of a giant with the same hands that spread the parchment and dipped the quill.  As I strive to grow more …


Living Out The Resurrection

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It is the week of Easter and I sense His victory, His death-defying power and His unapologetic trouncing of all that opposes Him. I spent this morning reflecting on the smile-inducing, heart-filling, joy-catalyzing ramifications of the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. “And when they had carried out all that was written of Him, they took Him down from …


Candid Thoughts About Quitters

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It is important to preface my thoughts today with an acknowledgment: God reserves the right to move His people from one place to another, from one set of priorities to another and/or from one ministry to another.  Some of the closest friends I have ever had were called away by God from my side as He sovereignly opened up other …


Smoking Primate Evangelist: A True Story

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It was the hottest day of our time in Africa during our mission late last year.  Part of the morning had involved me preaching a couple of times to more pastors than I could number and I was physically, mentally and spiritually exhausted.  Waiting for our van to return and pick us up I enjoyed some time in the shade …


Resurrection – When His Becomes Yours

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It is Easter Sunday and I am thrilled to be saved.  My heart rejoices on this Sunday every year because I get to look heaven’s guarantee in the eye and see it smiling back at me.  This is day is uniquely ours, brethren, and I practice no diplomacy when I tell the unbelieving world to enter in, but should you …


The Joy Of Motion

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Each week I am a happy witness to scores of people engaged in Kingdom work.  Much of life connects with others who have been given a passion for advancing the mission of Jesus Christ and most of them do not teach, preach or sing (these are often misunderstood as the Big 3 of ministry).  I’m blessed to see people drive …


He Knows…

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This week Amy and I have been privileged to share the weight of some burdens that others are carrying.  We have been blessed to listen and to pray while the gears of their lives turn.  With them in mind (and you, if you have heavy loads today), I share some verses to remind all of you that you are not …


A Rare Monday Ignition

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You are not a victim.  You are not a prisoner.  You are not a pawn.  There is a Reason.  There is a Purpose.  There is a Planner.  Heaven’s throne is not vacant and you are not a hapless puppet hanging on tangled twine. The sovereign God of Heaven never slept last night and orchestrated both the macrocosmic and microscopic while …


When Will Your Battles Cease?

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There is some news of which we stand in need of regular reminding.  This is not theory nor fanaticism nor false alarm.  What I wish to remind us of today is plain and simple fact which everything within you wants to dismiss and everything around you wants to suppress.  Whether you are a follower of Jesus Christ as I am …


The Finishing Touch Has Been Scheduled

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God created the cosmos from nothing. God formed man from the dust of the earth and breathed life into him (Genesis 2:7, 21) God established an innumerable host of angels to serve as His own eternal ministers of good (Hebrews 1:7) God sustains the entire universe by the Word power of  power (Hebrews 1:3) While we praise God for His …


One Thing I’m Sure Of

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The calendar has turned, the confetti has fallen, the hangovers have passed and life’s grind resumes for everyone as holiday tunes and Auld Lang Syne fade out for another twelve months.  One of the wisest humans whose feet ever shuffled through earth’s dust once said, “What has been is what will be, and what has been done is what will …


The Next Ten Years

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The wise king once wrote, “Do not boast about tomorrow, for you do not know what a day may bring.” Solomon’s statement found in Proverbs 27:1 is only one among many cautions in scripture about forecasting the future.  Our futures down hear are as reliable as a vanishing mist while our present moments lack perspective and therefore should not be …


Ahhhhh…You Nearly Forgot You’re A Winner

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Every now and again it happens.  It finds you, ambushes your soul and wraps you up, fully owning you for a moment in time and then it disappears, leaving a smile on your face and an increased measure of desire in your heart.  What am I talking about?  That difficult to describe experience of spiritual fulness when you can nearly …


The Undiminished God

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Your life is always in flux.  You are growing, aging, changing, becoming stronger in some ways and finding yourself weaker in others.  People move in and out of your life like wind and, looking about you, you catch your breath as you conclude that there is nothing here today that is promised to be there tomorrow.  This can be overwhelming …


That Friend With Whom You’ve Lost Touch

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What’s the current temperature in your pressure cooker?  It’s ironic that we who live in a world of advanced technology which is supposed to breed unprecedented convenience, instead find ourselves battling stress amidst others who have already lost that battle.  I have perceived that I have less energy but more demand than ever before.  Many of you have duties that …


The Answer

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The problem has always been sin.  As a matter of fact, there were no problems at all until there was sin because sin is the father of all other problems.  Adam and Eve rebelled against the lone Authority who was also the highest Authority and humanity on earth thus began to experience a cascading flow of sin which still pours …


Free Makeover

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How many times have we heard someone make the comment (or we make it ourselves) that an acquaintance “let herself go”.  Usually when such an observation is made it is referring to someone who entered a season of life wherein they stopped taking care of their appearance and a clear downgrade has been the result.  Maybe it was visible weight …