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I’d like to personally welcome you to the Transforming Truth website. Whether you learned about this ministry from our weekly TV broadcasts, saw us on Roku, linked here through our Facebook page or heard about us from a friend, it’s an honor to have you visit. The mission of Transforming Truth is to provide hope and encouragement through real, relevant and practical teaching from the bible. God’s Word is the solid foundation from which we learn, grow and help others on their journey. Take a look around and you will find something here to strengthen your soul!

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Your Regrettable Trip To Egypt

One of the amazing aspects of the bible is that it is timeless in its central themes.  Though the cultures of the human authors in scripture were different from our own, though science and technology were basically nonexistent then, though information came forth at that time in a slow trickle, and in our day in … Continued

Praying To My Friend

Lord Jesus, This morning I thank You for something which has never entered my mind before: this morning, I thank You that You are not a begrudging Savior.  We want to be good to You, but we will never, in this lifetime, be as good to You as we should.  Your Holy Spirit impacted me … Continued

Getting In On The New

Fellow Kingdom Leaders (and you who follow them), Both the testimony of experience and the testimony of Scripture teach us that leaders will need to endure short seasons of loneliness.  It is far better for you to experience that loneliness on the leading edge of what God is doing next, than to experience that loneliness … Continued


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My favorite sound is my children laughing with each other. Something pure and hopeful in that beautiful noise.

We in the South need to work on our English. I just heard a preacher try to pronounce "sanctification" in three syllables.

Youth Pastors cannot resurrect on Sunday what parents bury Monday thru Saturday. Student ministry aids (not replaces) parental influence.