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I’d like to personally welcome you to the Transforming Truth website. Whether you learned about this ministry from our weekly TV broadcasts, saw us on Roku, linked here through our Facebook page or heard about us from a friend, it’s an honor to have you visit. The mission of Transforming Truth is to provide hope and encouragement through real, relevant and practical teaching from the bible. God’s Word is the solid foundation from which we learn, grow and help others on their journey. Take a look around and you will find something here to strengthen your soul!

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Wrestling For Peace

Father, I feel it in the air. I am taking some of it into my lungs. It tastes like spiritual smog, and I need your help, Holy Spirit, to clean up what I am breathing in. This season of hurrying, scurrying and worrying is the complete opposite of what it should be. This is that … Continued

Refuse To Lose Your Wonder

One of the most tragic potentials for us who have been set free through faith in Christ is that we might arrive at a place in life where we lose our wonder at our own redemption. It is my opinion that humans are no more depraved now than at other periods of our history.  I … Continued

Help For Hearing God

Coming off a full week away from my normal ministry responsibilities, I struggled for a little bit last night with the idea of leaping back into the current of resuming my commitments. Few things are as refreshing as escaping for uninterrupted time with my family in the Tennessee mountains. This was our fifth year in … Continued


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Holy Spirit, bring my fidgety soul into alignment on this Monday. #distractions

"My soul clings to You..." - Psalm 63:8

My son once had a volume button but someone turned it up to highest level, broke it off, & now he is stuck on maximum output