You Have All You Need

Jeff FAITH, General

There is a conspiracy against all parents’ personal sanity.  No doubt, it is a calculated effort, strategized behind closed doors by powerful marketing executives long before it appeared before our eyes.  At just the right moment, the stars all having aligned perfectly, the outflow of this fiendish conspiracy can cause a strong mother to weep, a patient father to snap and an otherwise-happy child to burst into tears.  So, what is this thing?

It is that short aisle directly in front of the cash register at Toys R’ Us.  You parents know the woe that this aisle of doom can bring. It is placed there as a last ditch effort to lighten moms and dads of whatever money they had blindly hoped to exit the store with. This little aisle was my nemesis for years when Alicia and Landon were small. At eye-level for the children, there were all manner of candies, brightly-colored and way-overpriced plastic toys, coloring books with irresistible crayons and, without fail, small, cute, cuddly stuffed animals whose gigantic eyes beg for the children to take them home with them. I always sought to buy a blindfold on Aisle 7 before checking out, and I wrapped my kids heads with it so they could not see the lures that awaited them upon checkout. It was war, people.

Whether it is Toys R’ Us or the grocery store or the Quik Trip gas station, marketing experts make sure that the place where financial transactions are made are filled with potential “impulse buy” items.  Having shopped for necessities, already having filled your buggy with more than you need, the purchaser is assaulted with those last-ditch goodies strategically placed in such a way to convince you that you will hemorrhage if you leave the store without those last-chance items.  Children cry out in desperation for some neon-packaged goodie to be granted them before leaving.  Mommies and daddies often give in to the pressure just to make the child cease his or her clamoring.  More stouthearted parents bark at their children to zip it, and often add the threat of giving back the things they DID intend to purchase if little Johnny doesn’t mute himself immediately.  Interestingly, this marketing technique of surrounding store exits and cash registers with those little items is practiced because marketing people are well aware of a spiritual reality existing in all humans:  we want lots of stuff.

May I take this opportunity to remind you that you have all that you need today.  Center your thoughts on that.


right now,



you need


That simple reminder is for all Jesus-followers. The world system’s messaging baits us with the pressurized sense that we are presently lacking some necessity. That world system is a bold liar. The world system markets to our flesh. The flesh must be crucified because, when it is not, it begins to agree with the world system by signaling to us that we need some more stuff to be safe, happy and strong. Yet, it is actually true that your deepest need has been met. You see, in Jesus Christ, you have full acceptance with God based on unbreakable promises.  God has granted you comprehensive forgiveness that cannot allow a single sin to ever remain attached to your permanent record.  No longer are you an enemy of Heaven’s holy throne but you are, at this very moment, a deeply loved child and accepted of the King with all the privileges of sons and daughters. Through Christ, you (of all people!) have been lavished with eternal life which is expressed in both the quality of eternity and the quantity of it. You have the life of God in you forever and ever.  God dwells inside of your physical being in the person of the Holy Spirit.

He hears your prayers. 

He dries your tears.

He is imparting wisdom to you.  

He provides all of your needs…and much of your wants.

He interprets your heavy groans and never chides you for being a struggler. 

He is, this very moment, working all things for your deepest good.

There is no chance that you will exhaust God’s mercy and find yourself one day abandoned or forsaken by Him.  Jesus is coming for you one day, and all your faith with instantly become immeasurable sight.  You, child of the King, will outlive all of the planets, sun, stars and galaxies.  He’s blessing your current labors for Him in ways you cannot see.  He marks your patience, imperfect as it may be, as trust. There are unrevealed blessings coming your way that you are presently unaware of which will teach you that all the waiting was worth it.  He’s making you like His Son and, one day soon, you will stand before Him with all the countless redeemed as we watch our enemy, Satan, cast into the lake of fire where he can work against us no more. You will hear the demons howl as they enter their inescapable prison. Holy Spirit is delivering you from every trace of the power of sin.  Yes, Christian friend, you have all that you need. YOU have all that you need today. You have ALL that you need today. You have all that you need TODAY.

So, stop lingering before all the silly trinkets that are placed before your eyes while you prepare to walk through earth’s exit doors.  Don’t fret over keeping what you have or getting what you do not have that someone has convinced  you that you need.  Take great contentment in the immeasurable blessing that you have been made the object of divine grace, and that all you require in life is presently yours.

That’s not a cliche…that’s God’s ironclad promise to all His children.

Trust Him with everything that is in your hand. Trust Him also with what is not in your hand.