How To Debate With Accusation

Jeff grace, Mercy, Salvation

Accusation: “Has anyone seen Jeff’s shackles? I want to put him on spiritual lock-down again.”

Justification: “Those shackles are in the bottom of the sea.  As far as east is from west.”

Accusation: “True…but Jeff forgets that fact with a little provocation from me.  I specialize in cultivating a shamed, guilty conscience.”

Mercy: “His God’s grace is far greater than Jeff’s sin.  Jeff rests in that.”

Accusation: “Not all the time – he doesn’t rest in that annoying truth all the time!”

Justification: “I ensure that Jeff doesn’t have to rest in it for it to be effective on his behalf.”

Accusation: “He doesn’t deserve it.  He doesn’t deserve you, Justification. He doesn’t even appreciate you like he should.  You would think he would be more grateful. He’s still quite the sinner, and I plan on telling him that when I see him – I will tell him that as I wrap my chains on him again.”

Grace: “Jeff knows that he doesn’t deserve it.  I instruct him in that regularly and, like most, he is reluctant to fully believe me when I tell him that the gift is free to him because it is fully paid for by Another.  The difference between you and me, Accusation, is you tell Jeff that he’s unworthy with a threatening scowl and I tell him that humbling truth with a compassionate smile.  Jeff listens to me far more than you.”

Accusation: “We’ll see about that, Grace.  He is preconditioned to feel guilty, and I’ve trained him in shame for more than half his life.  I will not quit my assignment with Jeff Lyle!”

Mercy: “Neither will I.”

Grace: “Nor will I.”

Justification: “I’m Jeff’s forever.”

Accusation:  “You three are so smug!  So overconfident! What makes you so sure that I won’t win the battle for Jeff in the end?”

JESUS: “I will answer that question, Accusation. You see, I loved Jeff before he ever was.  Jeff was chosen in me by My Father before the foundation of the world. I sovereignly established the time and place of Jeff’s physical birth and intentionally began seasoning him with the Gospel before he could even walk.  Jeff was quite the rebel – I will give you that.  But I specialize in saving rebels.  I sovereignly placed family members, neighbors, teachers, preachers, pastors, co-workers and other witnesses in his life – no matter where he was or how far he was straying from Me.  I was there with Jeff when nobody else was – even when he assumed I was done with him.  I listened to his pitiful cries when you, Accusation, had him chained in fear and branded in shame.  Both you and he thought that he had been forsaken by Me.  Yet I was the One who kept death at bay when it would have easily claimed Jeff forever.  Do you remember in the early 1990’s when you and the evil one you serve thought it was all over for Jeff?  Do you remember when there was no reason to have hope that he could ever truly live? When Jeff was at his very worst and weakest was when I moved at My swiftest and my strongest.  I was the One who saved Jeff.  I have always been the one who loved him most, knew him best and worked all things for Jeff’s good.  You would have cringed, Accusation, if you could have witnessed the rejoicing which occurred in My presence when Jeff’s tears of repentance and confession flowed…and when that messy cry for forgiveness came forth from his lips – what a moment indeed! I secured Him that day, Accusation.  I removed your detailed record of all his wrongdoings.  I washed it clean with the atonement of My own blood.  I told Jeff that he was now a son of the Father, and that I would never leave him or forsake him.  I promised him that he would be with Me forever.  I comforted him that I would let nothing separate Jeff from My love.  Hear Me, Accusation: Jeff is Mine.  MINE! I am a wise King, and did not let his standing with Me depend upon his own performance.  He is too precious to Me for Me to leave his soul in his own hand.  You ask how there can be such confidence to embolden Mercy, Grace and Justification to come to Jeff’s defense?  It is because I am God and I always finish what I begin.”

Justification: “Amen!”

Mercy: “Amen!”

Grace: “Amen!

Jeff: “Amen.  Thank you, Lord, for my justification through Your mercy and in the grace You provide me.  Thank You for not letting it depend on me. I love You.”

JESUS: “And I love you, child.  Now, have you anything further to say, Accusation?…..Accusation? Speak up! Hmmmm…it seems that Accusation has fled.

Jeff: “He always does when You speak.”

GOD: “And when you believe what I say.”

Jeff: “Amen.”