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When Doubts Arise

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  1. jeff on March 27, 2018 at 1:26 pm

    That is so encouraging, Laurie!
    Keep pressing in – I’ve never regretted wrestling through these types of things.
    We only lose when we choose to quit the struggle.

  2. Laurie on March 26, 2018 at 1:44 pm

    Wow….thank you Pastor Jeff for sharing this. Weirdly I am claiming it as God’s answer to me as I have struggled with the same feelings. I am scared to death because of my doubt. I question God. Up until the end of last year, I was at the top of a mountain, truly breathing in the truth of God. Completely giddy and childlike with my love for Him. I knew Him and never doubted Him. That was until I fell from that mountain top. I wonder where He is. If it was all true what I believed. I can’t feel Him anymore. I listen to His word all night while I sleep and during the day at work. Still I question it all. I have never felt this alone and afraid. I am left wondering what this all means. Why are we here? Where were we before now? Is He really coming back? Does He hear me? Why am I so afraid? What will happen next to knock me to a lower level? Who will I lose next? Is He really in control? I have all of these feelings, yet I still pray and I still need Him.