Squaring Off Against The Fear Of Failure

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  1. stephanie smith on April 10, 2013 at 8:22 am

    Mr. FoF whispers (sometimes screams) two things to me…

    1) you don’t have the cash and 2) what will people think?

    Yet I read over and over that God is not limited by cash and offending His opposition doesn’t rattle Him in the least.

    It is amazing the number of even well meaning naysayers that appear once a flicker of faith is called into action.

    There is a particular dream our family has. We would certainly feel secure if it comes about, but our true joy lies in its benefit to others. We continue to wait on God for timing and resource. In that wait we encounter folks who tells us it won’t happen or, worse, politely ignore our hope.

    But I like hope. I even like the wait. I’d rather wait on something from God than settle for something of man.