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Is A Revival Something You Attend?

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  1. David on October 5, 2011 at 5:34 pm

    Some men, like Jonathan Edwards or WC Burns or James Robe, have done the church a great service in recording what they saw in times of revival – both the blessings and the pitfalls. Others, like John Gillies or Brian Edwards or Eifion Evans, have gathered historical data and brought it back into the public view as a reminder of what God has done (and is therefore still able to do). It’s a great encouragement to read of these great days, but too easy to read and not catch the fire (or see the need).

    What does the very word “revival” imply? The bringing back to life of that which was dead or nearly so. Could that be us? And, if we are honest enough to admit the possibility, can we face the consequence – and, as you say, do we really want it? Are we prepared for God to change us and move us out of our comfort zones? Are we prepared to admit that our churches and our lives fall “just a little” short of what they could be & should be when compared to the New Testament church or the church in times of revival? Dare we admit that the honour of God is at stake if how we live and worship and witness does not have any impact on those around us, who are NOT saying “God is among you of a truth”?

    John Drysdale wrote of “The price of revival”
    Stephen Olford wrote of “The heart-cry for revival”
    Arthur Wallis wrote “In the day of Thy power”
    Leonard Ravenhill wrote about “Why revival tarries”
    Roger Ellsworth wrote simply “Come down Lord”, based on Isaiah 63:3 – 64:12, with the headings :-

    • We miss You
    • We need You
    • We wait for You
    • We will meet You
    • We have wronged You
    • We belong to You
    • We beseech You

    All of these could – and, in prayer, probably should – start with “I” not “We” …

    The question is therefore not “can we organize a revival?” but “do we realize how badly we need a mighty work of God in our generation?” … and are we prepared to pay the price of waiting on God with a burdened heart, to give Him no rest UNTIL He does what only He can do …revive His church for His own glory’s sake.

    Zephaniah 3:18 KJV, Habakkuk 3:2 & Ps 85:6!

  2. Brian sr. on October 5, 2011 at 4:03 pm

    to bring revival one must draw a circle on the ground step inside of it and pray to start revival inside the circle. just image. wow is right.

  3. Sharon Willis on October 5, 2011 at 10:52 am