There Is Grace

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  • …for when you’re not sensing spiritual depth
  • …for when your body is tired and your mind taxed
  • …for when your flesh seems greater than your faith
  • …for when doubt dares your holy confidence to show up for today


  • …for days when you’re more faithful to serving God than you are to worshiping Him
  • …for days when you’re more concerned about what others think than what God knows & says
  • …for days when there is simply no way to accomplish what is required of you
  • …for days that seemingly started way too early, and bleed into the day following, and there is no pause for rest in between
  • …to allow you to stand still, exhale the pressures, worries, hurts, demands and fears.


  • …not in theory, but in truth
  • …not to be chased and caught, but to be expected and received
  • …not easily defined, but genuinely experienced in relief and gratitude
  • …not for tomorrow or even the next hour, but perfectly given for the need of this present moment



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