A Spontaneous Moment of Racial Unity

Jeff Uncategorized

For several weeks leading up to Sunday, August 13, 2017, I had planned to begin a new sermon series on unity in the Church. My first message was to be a strong call for the tearing down of racial division in the church and community. God had moved me to heavily promote this message on social media and I began doing so about ten days before I was to share it. The message was to be a call to action for Christians to move beyond our “Amen’s” concerning the need to expose racism, and for us to proactively get involved wherever and however we can. I was sincerely excited about sharing the message as the day approached.

Then the events of August 11th & 12th in Charlottesville, Virginia began to unfold in front of our eyes.  I then began to see that my planned sermon would have a much stronger pull on it.  The entire message will soon be available on the Transforming Truth app, but the most poignant part occurred in the final four minutes which are posted in the video below. As God began to break my heart afresh over the historic injustice perpetrated by whites against blacks in America, the tears began to flow and I truly sensed the heart of the Father on this heavy issue.  While I was speaking through the tears, in a completely unplanned moment which was independent of my sermon notes, another unscripted event took place when Obed Glover, a friend and member of the New Bridge family, walked up on stage toward me. You can see for yourself what took place after that.