Jeff Lyle Pastor Meadow Baptist Church
Jeff Lyle
Meadow Church
Lawrenceville, GA

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I’d like to personally welcome you to the Transforming Truth website. Whether you learned about this ministry from our weekly TV broadcasts on WATC in my home state of Georgia, saw us on Roku, found us through an Internet search, linked here through our Facebook page or heard about us from a friend, it’s an honor to have you visit. The mission of Transforming Truth is to provide hope and encouragement through real, relevant and practical teaching from the bible. We stand joyfully on God’s Word as the solid foundation from which we learn, grow and help others on their journey. Take a look around and you will find something here to strengthen your soul!

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Living Out The Resurrection

It is the week of Easter and I sense His victory, His death-defying power and His unapologetic trouncing of all that opposes Him. I spent this morning reflecting on the smile-inducing, heart-filling, joy-catalyzing ramifications of the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. “And when they had carried out all that was written of Him, … Continued

Sobering Scenes

He came to His own but they did not desire to receive Him. He offered them the Way but they turned in a different direction – the wrong direction – and loved their lostness as they spurned His way. He came to them as the Truth but they denied Him and prosecuted Him with lies. … Continued

An Open Word About My Approach To Controversial Doctrine

What an interesting first few months of 2015 it has been. Going back to the late summer of last year, I knew God was stirring in me to share what He had been layering in my heart concerning the need for His presence and power in the modern church. Deeply concerned that we biblical conservatives have unwittingly embraced … Continued


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When our hearts are filled with the Holy Spirit & our lives characterized by yieldedness we find that rest & peace come easy.

Bombard your enemies with love. They simply will not know what to do and you will be strangely blessed through the process.