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to spend this Summer in partnership with Send56 as, together, we seek to raise awareness and ministry support for the Church in Africa. Consider being used by God to advance the Gospel of Christ into approximately 1,000 unreached people groups in Africa.

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100% of this tax-deductible offering will go directly into the work of training African missionaries to proclaim the Gospel to their fellow countrymen.

Send 56 - Native Missionaries to the Unreached

Jeff Lyle Pastor Meadow Baptist Church
Jeff Lyle
Meadow Church
Lawrenceville, GA

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I’d like to personally welcome you to the Transforming Truth website. Whether you learned about this ministry from our weekly TV broadcasts on WATC in my home state of Georgia, saw us on Roku, found us through an Internet search, linked here through our Facebook page or heard about us from a friend, it’s an honor to have you visit. The mission of Transforming Truth is to provide hope and encouragement through real, relevant and practical teaching from the bible. We stand joyfully on God’s Word as the solid foundation from which we learn, grow and help others on their journey. Take a look around and you will find something here to strengthen your soul!

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What Describes You Does Not Define You

Who are you? That question is never answered by most people who walk the planet. In a quest to receive an identity, most of us end up substituting the answer for “What am I?” and never make significant connection with the essential answer to “Who am I?” I am a wife. I am a mother. … Continued

From ! to ? …And Back Again

“Blessed is the one who is not offended by Me.” – Luke 7:23 {ESV} That’s a beatitude from the Lord Jesus which rarely gets any press. This statement from the Son of God is found in one of my favorite passages in the Gospels. John the Baptist’s ministry comet had crashed. The baptizer went from … Continued

Deeper, Father, Deeper…Deeper

Father, Take us deeper today. Bring us out of the shallows and lead us into the dimensions that are provided for us in Jesus, Your Son. Help us no longer to associate the idea of our maturing in the faith with the simple belief that we must grow deeper in what we have already learned. … Continued


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"Better is the end of a thing than its beginning, and the patient in spirit is better than the proud in spirit." - Eccl. 7:8

I'd rather aim high and potentially miss it than always aim low and hit it every time.

Live as one who believes that you deserve nothing and you will live as one who is grateful for everything.