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Among countless other opportunities, here are some options for you to consider today.

Give big-time love today to others that you inwardly yearn for.

Go overboard toward others today with the compassion that you hunger for.

Extend to others today the mercy that you depend upon.

Offer today to others the forgiveness that you yourself have been lavished with from the highest, holiest throne.

Bless others today with edifying words – words that your own ears have longed to hear.

Pray for someone today as if you were the only one on earth who might mention his or her name to God.

Listen to another today in a way that affirms what they are saying has meaningfulness; listen to them in that same way that you wish you were being heard.

Today, pour grace out to others without hesitating to calculate how much is enough.  They always need more.

Secretly help someone today, and work hard to avoid any possibility that they might feel indebted to you.  This frees them.

Seek to understand the many layers in the heart of some struggler today, recognizing that he or she is not one-dimensional, and that there is complexity in his or her life.  Don’t draw surface conclusions about him or her.

Slow down and take a moment with a child today.  Their worlds are sometimes harsh, loveless and frightening.  You might be the only adult that they see smile and hear laugh this week.  It’s more important than you think.

Today, say Yes as often as you can.  Most faces are saying No because No is easier than Yes most of the time.

Talk to Jesus about everything today.  From thanking Him for food to pouring out your anxiety about a tumor.  Talk to Him today.  He is ready to receive you.

Expect a breakthrough from God today.  Very few still do this with frequency.  Tabulate the odds if you want…but don’t assign sovereignty to the odds today.  God alone is sovereign and He provides some really beautiful breakthroughs. Anyone who ever received their breakthrough experienced it on a day that they called today.

Today, Ask. Seek. Knock.  Keep asking. Keep seeking. Keep knocking.  Then do it again. And again.

Preach to yourself today the good news of Jesus and His love, forgiveness and grace.

Kindle hope. Enjoy its flame.  Linger in its warmth today.

Today might be a great day.

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  1. I found out today is the first day of the rest of my life. All that i have, or is going to have belongs to my heavenly Father no matter what day. God Bless my brother.

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