When God Fights For You

Jeff General, Prayer, Spiritual Warfare

For all of you who are in need of an answer, you who are begging a breakthrough, you who are concerned how much further you will be able to continue…this blog’s for you.

Daniel, in the Old Testament, was a godly man living in an ungodly place during ungodly times.  His culture did not appreciate nor allow for Daniel to worship his God in the manner that Daniel believed to be honorable.  So this man broke the laws of his day and hazarded his very life in order to remain faithful to the God of Abraham.  He was entrusted with visions from Heaven and endowed with wisdom to understand things to come.  Daniel was many things, but he is shown in Scripture (perhaps above all else) to be a man of prayer. There was a time when this godly man of faithfulness, courage and prayer endured non-responsiveness from God.  Nothing changed.  No answers came.  The sky was still and silent as Daniel looked to the Heavens for aid. Was God listening? Did He care? Would He help? During this unique season in Daniel’s life, an encounter with a powerful being, an angel, from Heaven occurred.  Here is what was communicated to Daniel:

“Fear not, Daniel, for from the first day that you set your heart to understand and humbled yourself before your God, your words have been heard…” (Daniel 10:12)

What relief and joy must have come to Daniel as he learned that, in those initial moments when he had oriented himself toward God in prayer, he had immediately been seen, heard and engaged.  Daniel had not been ignored by God nor forgotten, as the heavenly messenger affirmed that the One to whom Daniel prayed was actively engaged from the very the onset.  You and I must take confidence that the same can be said on our behalf.  Our mighty God has the ability and the desire to set His divine eyes upon our needy estate.  He is not otherwise preoccupied.  He has not put you on the backburner.  He is not annoyed with your incessant calling of His name. We may rightfully picture Him as the most attentive and concerned Father who, as He orchestrates the cosmos, pauses in doing so because He has heard your trembling voice petitioning Him for His help.

The angel sent to Daniel would explain to him that the unseen enemy had worked in powerful ways to prevent the assistance that God had ordained in response to Daniel’s cry.  How mysterious (but helpful) for us to gain a glimpse into the world of angels, demons and the carrying out of God’s will!  Discipline your mind not to write off Daniel 10 as fanatical, mystical and impractical.  No, these realities are preserved in our Bibles to show us the battle for the glory of God in our lives.  The host of hell is militantly committed to oppose the glory of God, and are here seen to be engaged in warfare to prevent the answer to Daniel’s prayers from actualizing.  In a succinct statement, the messenger describes (10:13) a strange contest in the unseen realm where the fight revolved around the answer to a broken, elderly saint living in ancient area of Iran & Iraq.  Details of the struggle are not fully revealed, but the messenger says that Michael, the mighty angel, assisted in the battle, and that Daniel’s answer was now delivered even though it had previously been delayed. Daniel prayed to his God. God responded to his Daniel. A demon fought with the fury of hell to interfere with God’s response. God dispatched an angel to handle His business. Though the process was delayed for a time, it was not denied. This is the way in which things sometimes play out for you and me when we find ourselves waiting on God. Incredible!

The messenger then said to that praying saint, “O man greatly loved, fear not, peace be with you; be strong and of good courage.” (10:19)  In other words, Daniel, do not let delayed answers result in a discouraged heart.  Daniel was greatly loved.  Daniel was told to not be afraid.  Daniel was promised peace, and commanded to remain resolute and courageous as he had now been granted insight into why his prayers had not been answered with immediacy. So, will you let God encourage you in this same manner today?  Will you take the counsel which has just been described to Daniel?  Insert your name into this statement each time you see a blank and read it out loud so your own ears hear it.  See if it brings assurance to your soul:

”  _______________  , you are greatly loved and I give you My peace right now.  ____________ , I am with you!  I would have you to be strong today, and to take courage over the matter that you have lifted to Me in prayer.  ________, there is a battle being waged over your very life and My glory in you.  You would not understand it all if I explained it to you so, My child, continue in your seeking of Me – I have been listening to you from moment one.  ___________, let the delayed arrival of My answer bring depth to your soul, and continue to trust me with all the logistics of how My answer finally arrives to you.  Know this above all things: __________, I am with you, so no longer be afraid.”

Now please excuse me as I leave off of writing to go and obey what I’ve just shared with you.  It’s time for me to call upon the God who hears me and who fights for me.