Three Visions

Jeff Worship

When we first saw,

You showed us a cross.

It was there that we saw our sin, our guilt, our shame

impaled to those timbers

on which hung a Man we had not met.

We met Him there when we were made to see Him,

and we found forgiveness for the nails our sin demanded,

and the crown of thorns our own hands

had crafted and placed upon

His sacred brow.


When we next saw,

You showed us a tomb.

There was no seal upon it, only a displaced stone

rolled to the side and resting there motionless,

looking failed for its design and impotent in its purpose.

Clearly vacant, the tomb held nothing for us to behold

so we walked away from there,

pondering the implications of His rising again,

noticing that within our hearts we felt the dawning

of new light and warmth of hope and joy. He is alive.

And our sin would not have the final say.


When we see today,

there is a throne before our eyes.

Unlike the tomb, the throne is fully occupied

by the very One we nailed to a cross,

by the giver of life who refused the tomb.

Without guilt or shame or fear or dread

we bow to the Eternal King as He extends to us His scepter,

and we know He is welcoming us to draw nearer and nearer.

He smiles at us and declares with the voice of the ages,

“It is finished. Behold I am making all things new.”

So, we have glimpsed Him by faith and He has stilled our hearts by His love.

He is Jesus Christ, Son of God, Resurrection and Life,

Savior, Lord, Redeemer, Bridegroom, Master, Healer,

Champion, Defender, Rescuer, Prince of Peace and

King over every other king.

And He has called me in love by my name.