The Supreme Relief

Jeff Bible, Cultural Observations, emotions, FAITH, Perserverance, Salvation

Sundays always come about with my heart full of anticipation.  I love the Lord’s Day and eagerly look forward to the activities associated with the gathering of the saints at Meadow.  I so enjoy God’s people and experience deep satisfaction at serving them.  The act of corporate worship is a reminder of a coming day wherein every single saint of all the ages will gather before Heaven’s throne and experience perfect worship for the very first time together.  I can see that day. I can close my eyes and sense its otherworldly power.  That moment can never be thwarted – though all of hell comes against it daily, the saints have overcome through the blood of the Lamb.  Though this perfect gathering has been appointed for a moment of time beyond today, I can experience the supreme relief right now because of the truth communicated by the following verse:

“This I know, that God is for me.” – Psalm 56:9

Could our heart’s assurance possibly be expressed in simpler terms?  I think not.  God is for me. GOD is for me.  God is for ME. What grace from on high has made this so! The nature of people without Christ is that God is against them.  They abide presently under His wrath as enemies of the Almighty.  They may be moral people but, apart from God’s pardon through faith in His Son, they are presently condemned.  Cloaked in religious garb and verbose in church rhetoric, scores of people will gather today in pretense of being clean before His eyes.  Yet all of their outward veneer cannot assure them before the King.  In this same group of the lost are the hedonists of our day with their presumed freedoms and deceptive follies.  The intellectual and mystic alike have been classified as hostile adversaries against the eternal throne.  But not me!  Not you if you have been placed in Christ!  As the chosen of the ages who have exercised a moment of saving faith in the complete work of Jesus Christ, we have the blood-bought right to now declare that God is for us.  There are no greater words that could ever be employed to describe your life.

God is



Do you know this?  The Psalmist, David, had such assurance of this that he penned it down in Psalm 56.  God so approved this confidence from David’s lips that He chose to preserve it in His book.  Think of everything that seeks to rob you of this bedrock declaration:  Satan fights you, the world system seeks to seduce you, your own sins accuse you, skeptics offer you their reasonable and highly accessible doubts…all the forces of our generation rush upon you so as to place a crack in your foundation of faith.  Yet God calls you accepted, complete, sons of God, safeguarded in His mighty hand, separated from your sin, seated with Christ in the heavenlies, His own, forgiven, pardoned, justified, redeemed and delivered.  If anything is going to cause you to fear for your soul then, by all means, force that source of doubt to explain away all that God has said of you in Christ!  Don’t give up without a fight – if you are determined to fear and fall away in despair, at least make a good show of it first.  You will find that, as you take God at His own word, as you discipline your mind to refuse anything to predominate His truth and as you submit your fickle emotions to His eternal counsel…you will retain the assurance of God being for you.

God is for me.  From this solid rock beneath my feet I choose to live this day.