Refusing A Dunce-Cap Destiny

Jeff FAITH, Humility, Wisdom 1 Comment

It is not that we are ignorant.  It is not that we are uneducated.  It is not for a lack of information or opportunity or access to knowledge.  No, if it were any of these things we might very well be candidates for God’s pity and mercy.  But we are none of these things.  Do you know what we are? …


A Source Of Hope…Really?

Jeff Hope, Politics/Government

Well, it seems like we will be getting released from being chained to the word IOWA.  Last night the Republican candidates for President of the United States finally learned how their efforts paid off in the nation’s first caucus.  Lots of promises and campaign commitments have been made for over a month there and at 8 PM the doors were …


Go Ahead And Admit It

Jeff Cultural Observations, Forgiveness, Humility

Anyone else out there sick of hearing about U.S. Representative Anthony Weiner and the current scandal attached to his (unfortunate) name?  The congressman from New York has now entered intro a treatment facility as a remedy to his being exposed for sending lewd photos of himself to a plethora of women.  He still refuses to resign from his high office …