Refusing A Dunce-Cap Destiny

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It is not that we are ignorant.  It is not that we are uneducated.  It is not for a lack of information or opportunity or access to knowledge.  No, if it were any of these things we might very well be candidates for God’s pity and mercy.  But we are none of these things.  Do you know what we are? …


Just How Saved Am I?

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This is for any and all who have bowed their hearts in trust to Jesus Christ: you need to be very careful not to make the following mistake.  If you give in to this particular temptation it is really going to cost you.  Precious components of life such as peace, joy, rest, gratitude, praise and selflessness will be forfeited quickly …


Good News For Monday Morning

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For a while now it has been my desire to seek to encourage you on Monday mornings more so than any other day of the week. Many of you experience a peak in gathering with the family of God on Sundays.  You worship with your brothers and sisters in Christ and spend time in committed service unto God and others.  …


Necessary, Gritty & Bold Faith

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Is your God demanding or delightful?  Involved or indifferent?  When you sense His countenance is it stern or smiling?  If someone told you that His hand is moving toward you, would your instincts tell you that His hand would be nudging you back into line or graciously moving things out of your way so that you would make progress? These …


Big-God Theology

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Several weeks ago I was speaking on the phone with the man who led me to Christ in the early 1990’s.  Scott Johnson was preparing to lead some in his church on a missions trip to South America and had mentioned that he was praying about giving his wife his own ticket so that she could be a part of …


Sovereignty: Blogging The Biggie

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Last week my son and daughter went with a group to a local wildlife ranch.  Deer, mountain lions, beavers, peacocks and a host of assorted critters were there in close proximity to my children.  Landon found out the hard ways that there were also some bees.  Yep, my lil’ fella took a stinger on the finger after he, admittedly, stirred …