Refusing A Dunce-Cap Destiny

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It is not that we are ignorant.  It is not that we are uneducated.  It is not for a lack of information or opportunity or access to knowledge.  No, if it were any of these things we might very well be candidates for God’s pity and mercy.  But we are none of these things.  Do you know what we are? …


Swapping Lenses For Better Focus

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There are days in life when you arise to find the surprising pleasure that nothing is troubling you.  For me, those days are the exception rather than the rule, but I will take as many of those easy mornings as God chooses to give.  Confession time: I like my life over-easy, my challenges well-done, and my final results with no …


Respecting Them Enough To Be Honest

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  Today my mind rests on how we regard those who do not know Christ.  The newly endorsed approach by many evangelicals makes a priority out of removing all uncomfortable confrontation.  It’s molasses evangelism and it’s sweet going down but unhealthy when it settles.  I wonder if it is reasonable that we should aim for allowing for the experience of …


Revenge & The Rarely Offered Prayer

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There is the unfortunate occasion for most of us to discern that we have become an enemy to another.  It can happen a dozen different ways but we know the experience of having someone gunning for us, hoping to bring us down.  They make speak against us or commit to resist us in ways that provide opportunity for our harm. …


Two Things We Don’t Always Believe

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From about the age of fourteen to the age of twenty-four I was on a quest.  Looking for something solid to believe in, I spent those years dabbling in anything I thought might make my emptiness disappear only to conclude a thousand different times that my skills as a hunter for truth must be sorely lacking.  Nothing worked.  I found …


That Friend With Whom You’ve Lost Touch

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What’s the current temperature in your pressure cooker?  It’s ironic that we who live in a world of advanced technology which is supposed to breed unprecedented convenience, instead find ourselves battling stress amidst others who have already lost that battle.  I have perceived that I have less energy but more demand than ever before.  Many of you have duties that …


What Do You Do With All That Mercy You’ve Received?

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My little boy was my instructor last night around 9 PM.  He’s been devouring a new “bible” that I bought him and placed in his little hands on Saturday with the promise of $50 if he reads the whole thing.  It’s not an actual bible but more of a pictorial book which gives a very broad summary of scriptural accounts …


Retiring Your Gavel

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The degree to which I understand my own sinfulness is the same degree that I will appreciate God’s grace.  Perhaps the greatest need in modern Christians’ lives is to properly estimate the degree of our own depravity.  If only we would comprehend how perilously close to Hell we would be this very second if it was not for intervening grace.  …


Free Makeover

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How many times have we heard someone make the comment (or we make it ourselves) that an acquaintance “let herself go”.  Usually when such an observation is made it is referring to someone who entered a season of life wherein they stopped taking care of their appearance and a clear downgrade has been the result.  Maybe it was visible weight …


Unsuspected Goodness

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When I converse with those who are not followers of Christ I usually note one thing among others that seems to stand out.  Whether or not they are educated or uneducated, moral or unrestrained, American born or from another country, there seems to be a common thread that is woven in the fabric of their minds.  What is it?  They …


Settling Down

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Perhaps you’ve wondered at times why you can’t seem to achieve consistency in your Christian walk.  Maybe you have experienced highs and lows and have learned over time that your feelings tend to impact your level of commitment.  Now that you have journeyed with Jesus Christ for a bit, it is likely that you’ve wished inwardly that you could enjoy …


A Politically Incorrect Rant

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My son came home from kindergarten this week and informed me that he had been shoved to the ground by a child one grade above him.  From what Landon’s big sister says, this little fellow that knocked down my son has a big brother with behavioral issues galore and that the chief offender is also aggressive with other children.  I …


Just How Saved Am I?

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This is for any and all who have bowed their hearts in trust to Jesus Christ: you need to be very careful not to make the following mistake.  If you give in to this particular temptation it is really going to cost you.  Precious components of life such as peace, joy, rest, gratitude, praise and selflessness will be forfeited quickly …


Undeniable & Eventual – Fullness In Grace

Jeff grace

It’s a good thing to use technology for the purpose of spreading the Gospel and building up other people.  Blogs and Tweets were not something I would have given consideration to in my flaming-fundamentalist days.  In fact, I’m quite certain I could have fished out a few ‘Amen’s!’ by declaring in a sermon just how worldly e-witnessing really is.  Recognizing …


Love & Truth

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It’s Sunday morning and I find myself in the middle of the minister’s weekly dilemma.  The Lord’s Day is the time when God’s children gather together for the express purpose of worshiping Jesus Christ.  The ideal manifestation of this purpose would be for every single believer in a local assembly to arrive at the church house prayed up, full of …


He’s My Favorite

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At the end of today’s post I’m going to ask you a question but I’m not going to allow you to answer it with complete liberty.  I’m going to remove your gut-reflex answer as intensely as a laser seeks to vaporize one of the 200 tattoos on your average NBA player.  Here’s the caveat to today’s question:  you will not …


A Soul-Overhaulin’

Jeff Forgiveness, Hope, joy, Salvation

“…to give them a beautiful headdress instead of ashes, the oil of gladness instead of mourning, the garment of praise instead of a faint spirit; that they may be called oaks of righteousness, the planting of the Lord, that he may be glorified.” – Isaiah 61:3 {ESV} There’s not much that is worthy of our time and attention on the …