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Running Scared? Here’s An Offer Of Help

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  1. blue eyes on November 14, 2012 at 12:41 pm

    THANK YOU< THANK YOU…This has been my life for the past 6 years and even though I know that my Saviour is Near, and hears and knows all…I feel everything you just mentioned. From retiring, to running my own business, children getting married, grandchildren…getting physical injury that has taken year and half to heal naturally & w/GOD leading & showing me my pride that is tough to deal with…..w/ my personality which is A & always hurting peoples feelings & not meaning to…loving solitude over life b/c its safe when its just my thoughts & GOD's presence…don't have to worry about matching up ..Oh, Pastor Jeff, love your blogs and sermons sooo much…to know your human and go thru life same way we all do and also that you share so your flock can relate…Fighting Fear is Hard, very hard b/c we have an adversary always present to remind us of our past, our failures, our personality, our defeats, and on and on…Faith seems to be harder to master than ever before; just b/c of todays world and the harder & more evil people become…They all seem to be blinded & consumed w/present day culture.Thanks for book recommendation..I look forward to getting it. And I will pray for you b/c I can relate..Wish your church was in Cobb Co..Could certainly use the type pastoring you do…THANK YOU!!!!