My Prayer For You Today

Jeff grace

May the God whose watchful eye never sleeps,

the God of wonders, power and love –

May He keep your feet from falling

and make your thanks be endless,

until the coming of the full deliverance that is ready to be

revealed in the last time.

May the God whose robe is light,

whose canopy is space

Whose mercies are tender and firm to the end,

show you such grace that you will say along with the Psalmist,

‘You are my lamp, O Lord; the Lord has turned my darkness into Light.’

May the wonders of your redemption take hold of your heart and your mind

so that doubts are banished, fears are terminated in Promise, upheavals of the inner-soul

are quieted like a child who has fully drunk upon her mother’s breast.

May the wonder that you are looked after by a King who has spared no expense, honored

no boundary to seek you out, affirmed no accusation brought against your name and

hesitated not even for a minute to make you His own, reassure your fickle soul and cause

you today to lift up your eyes to the hills where your help will soon arrive.

May you make as your great aim the very One who has placed His affection upon you

for all of time and eternity.

May you wean your soul from constant motion, and determine to sit still in His life-giving presence

until His heart-restoring peace moves in your spiritual veins.

May you courageously believe that His blessings which you see lavished upon others can also drench you.

May you know and deeply sense that He is for you. May you know that His eyes are fixed upon you right now.

May the struggle in your spirit come to an end as you let Heaven’s kind and gentle Wrestler pin you.

May you hear His voice. May you imbibe His love. May you become restful in His pursuit of you, and

reckless in your abandon to Him.

May you never again tremble at the thought of whether or not

you are Loved.