Leaving the Church of Politics For Good

Jeff POLITICS, Uncategorized

On this 4th of July I submit to you that American politics has now become the fastest growing religion in the Republic. It has two denominations, Church of the Left and Church of the Right. There are 100 Bishops (better known as Senators) and 435 Priests (located in the House of Representatives). Countless citizen-evangelists in both denominations dot the landscape of our nation, each one incurably convinced that their denomination best represents the sacred values of the religion. These zealots proclaim their gospel on social media in order to convince anyone who will listen to join their Church. Conversion rates are nearly non-existent, but not from a lack of each denomination preaching their core doctrines at high decibels. The Church of the Right heartily thump their bible (often referred to as the Constitution) while the Church on the left seems to hold to a less objective measure which empowers a floating standard of what feels right on any given day. The marketing strategy for the Church on the Left is powerful, having harnessed the mainstream media to loyally proclaim their gospel. The Church on the right currently has the power base and seems comfortable letting their Pope of Politics do most of their own marketing from his egg-shaped office on Pennsylvania Avenue where his anointed digits move with fluidity via his potent pulpit (known better as Twitter). It is difficult to tell which denomination has gained the upper hand in evangelizing and discipleship. Currently, the chosen mode of proselytizing for both camps seems to be harnessing cultural outrage and a relentless commitment to anointed finger pointing. Nobody seems confident of the final outcome, but the international audience who views the daily church services through thousands of livestreams seem to be enjoying the raunchy show of this swiftly growing religion.

As for me, I have left the Church. My former denomination, the Church on the Right, in my opinion, lacks compassion and mercy. There also seems to be an absence of commitment to justice for the marginalized among us. They hold tight to their Bible (again, the Constitution) and are very skilled at communicating the apologetics of their core beliefs. Their denominational flags are well-starched and those aligned with the Church on the Right can truly hold their salutes through the fiercest opposition. The Church on the Right does not allow emotion get in the way of policy, and the congregants are admirable at enforcing what their political bible teaches  them. Their denomination is secured through discipline and unapologetic displays of power. They don’t ask questions. They prefer to bark answers. They sense little need to re-examine their core beliefs and are not open to much negotiation seeing as how they are cemented in a confidence that all their answers are right (maybe even righteous). Their favorite hymns were written right after 1776 and they sing them with all their might. You can join their Church, but it is easier for you to get in with them if you will display a no-nonsense commitment to reforming the Church on the Left with hardline answers, repeated Constitution-thumping, and a suspicious eye being kept on those who might want to enter the Church illegally without going through the New Members Class. The Church on the Right made a lot of sense to me once upon a time. Currently, it seems to me, however, that the Spirit is no longer there, if He ever actually was. I’m a little sad that I have to move my membership.

But there is no way I will move that membership to the Church on the Left. What a debacle this denomination has become. Not only are the leaders of the Church on the Left illogical, it appears that they may have a demon. They incite their members to riot and violence under the banner of denominational zeal. In a land of laws, they cherry-pick which laws are good and which ones are bad. Truthfully, they have no objective standard and worship at the altar of reaction. While their countless evangelists seem extremely committed as they protest across the Republic day after day, I still cannot find out what their core doctrine is. The best that I can tell, their primary message is that the Church on the Right is diabolical and must be destroyed for the overall good of the Republic. That’s not a mission that I can hang my hat on. Speaking of hats, if you join the Church on the Left, you will receive a blue baseball cap that says M.A.M.A – Make America Mad Again. I appreciate that the Church on the Left seems to have a heart for the weak, the oppressed and the foreigner. Those are things that are consistent with the heart of the Christian’s God, my God. Most in the Church on the Right dismiss that compassion as they position themselves unreachable behind American immigration laws. Objectively and legally, the Church on the Right is justified in their position concerning immigration, but I think the Church on the Left has some valid points in the arena of compassion – it’s too bad that they employ their most ridiculous evangelists to communicate their position on this issue. Also, while the Church on the Left has compassion on those born in other places who desire to come here, they seem to have a denomination-wide hold on nodding at barbaric practices when it comes to babies conceived here. They are rabid defenders of their legal right to exterminate infants’ lives in the womb, while being willing to die for their compassion toward illegal immigrants. While the Church on the Left does not believe in a literal interpretation of the national Bible (the Constitution), they do loosely hold to the laws on the books that advance their own agendas. Roe Vs. Wade is the hill on which they plant their most treasured flag. If for no other reason, this alone is why I would never take my family to visit the Church on the Left, much less join it. I could not bear to be associated with the soulless practice of infanticide while, all the while, crying hypocritical tears for children dying near America’s borders as they try to enter. In the end, the Church on the Left lacks sound reason and objectivity in what they preach. While the Church on the Right often seems like a frozen ice cube which results in soul-freeze, the Church on the Left is a shallow puddle without any shape.

So, I am a man without a Church in the religion of American politics. I have nowhere to go. I don’t like any of it. There’s no glory in it. There is nothing worth committing myself to. Screaming, protesting, anarchist, frothing church members do not motivate me to join the Church on the Left. Outrage is not a magnet that attracts me. Maybe, if they ever find a shape to their message, I might listen. The Church on the Right just seems to be smug and, frankly, heartless at times. They also have the main office in the Church with the highest positioned minister. They have the power of the Law on their side. The doors on their Church on the Right feel more like walls that communicate, “We are fine without you. Knock if you are willing to become just like us. If not, please step away from the door and move down the street.” As I ponder the only two denominations available in the Church of American politics, I now find myself a spectator and no longer a participator. I am going to let all the other monkeys run the circus. I have officially left the Church.

You see, I am a Christian. I am a follower of Jesus Christ. The Church of American politics is not where you will find me donating my resources, spending my time or investing my words. I don’t own a red baseball cap or a blue one. My social media feeds are not dedicated to the Church on the Left or the Church on the Right. I will be bold here: countless Christians should be embarrassed about how they communicate their allegiance to the Church of American politics while rarely if ever posting anything on social media that points lost and broken people to He who is the Truth. They say that Jesus is their Lord but, somehow, their views on Trump, Pence, Ryan, Obama, Clinton, Schumer and Waters get far more glory than the Son of God. I wish the Bible could have said, “They shall be known by their social media feeds!” Please hear this: God does not endorse your Church on the Right or your Church on the Left. He attends neither denomination. He endorses none of it. He is displeased when people hijack His words from the Bible and stretch them over their political views. Church on the Right, The Father, Son and Holy Spirit do not care about the Second Amendment, so stop acting like it’s some holy virtue. Church on the Left, The Godhead Trinity is filled with righteous anger against the shedding of innocent blood and the redefining of human sexuality. To both denominations in the religion of American Politics: please stop lying by declaring that God is the head of your denomination. Become honest enough to start saying that your views are your own and that the God of the Bible is not factored in to your message or mission. The notion that Jesus would walk into either side of American politics with His signed endorsement is laughable. He isn’t within a hundred miles of either camp. He won’t join your Church.

Therefore, neither will I. Maybe you also should aim for something higher.


Happy 4th.