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  1. Mindy Hale on July 15, 2018 at 10:23 pm

    Don’t want to be contradictory or offensive, but this is how many Christians on the right see it: Our governmental system is – and has been – very corrupt and evil below the surface for many, many years as we are now seeing exposed more and more daily in the news. God raised up President Trump and is using him and his presence in the white house, standing in the office of President – and even his irritating quirks – to expose corruption on all sides. (He is using Cyrus types/ leaders in this season to expose corruption in other countries as well.) I may not agree with His vessel in everything he (Trump) does, but it is amazing how God is using him because of his unique qualifications. Check out some of the Trump prophecies by Mark Taylor, Lance Wallnau, Kat Kerr and Johnny Enlow – as well as a host of other prophets published daily on the Elijah List concerning what God is doing in this season to expose satan’s agenda through President Trump. Mexico has 4 US consulates and a US embassy immigrants can go to for assylum. There is absolutely no reason for people (including drug dealers, criminals like MS-13 and terrorists) to sneak into the country illegally… and it so not fair to those immigrants that follow the law and have respect for our country enough to be properly processed for safety reasons and become honorable US citizens. Compassion, yes of course, but open borders as the left wants will lead to chaos like Germany and England are experiencing. It may seem heartless to not open our arms and borders to everyone and provide them all with finances to live here, but no country can feasibly support unlimited numbers of immigrants. We should at least properly check them out and accept those with motives to contribute to our country and assimilate – not to destroy it -before granting citizenship. My opinion.

  2. Michelle on July 5, 2018 at 1:13 pm

    I agree respectfully with Tammy. The author and his readers come away with different interpretation, I think. When I hear Christians proclaim they are neither left nor right, (because they are extremely enlightened?) while others are still engaged in politics, I have come to view them as “feeling dirty doing politics”. They tell me “I am holy because I do not ….XYZ”. Those that work on the right are not conscientious objectors, but have to pick up arms dropped by the too righteous. Wouldn’t want to soil them with a label. Your blog article subject isn’t the first time told whilst speaker holdeth nose in the air. I hope you understand my sense of humor.

  3. Judy Maxwell on July 5, 2018 at 7:56 am

    Nailed it, Pastor Jeff.

  4. Tammy Breiner on July 4, 2018 at 3:12 pm

    Wow! Frankly, sad and disturbing. Being very much aware that you are God‘s anointed, and I must be very careful in my attitude and choosing my words carefully, I have prayerfully read your blog and feel obligated to compose a response. ( hope we are still friends after this) although I do not consider it a church even though your analogy was entertaining, I vote right! ( pun intended )
    Your statement that my views are my own and God is not factored into my mission, are completely false.
    See, I’m a member of the right because the independent party is not strong enough to win an election. And, I am part of the intercessor group that spent years praying our leader into office. We watched from the earliest prophecies, to the completed miracle of the election, to the many good acts that have followed once he was in office. God put him there. I am greatly encouraged that much corruption is being uncovered, And there are many more great things that God, yes God intends to use this man to accomplish. I’m sad that you are missing the blessing of watching this unfold. Not I, nor any of my many Christ following friends of ALL races and denominations are unmerciful, or lack compassion. Many give of their personal time, energy and resources to minister to those who are marginalized among us. Neither are we smug or heartless. And, since these are Yahweh’s children who He has filled with his Holy Spirit, one might use caution in how they speak about them. There is a balance and a commonsense approach that seems lacking in this interpretation of our present reality. And I wonder if your opinions come from personal experience or just social media. I would have to suggest, maybe you visited the wrong church. Or possibly your friend list has been too filled with people who are out of balance and lack discernment. But Pastor, I would respectfully suggest that you pray carefully about resigning altogether. I believe the Spirit of the Lord is desperately trying to raise up godly people to become more involved in American politics, rather than pull out and let the devil have it all! We need balance. Not extremism. I know you know government is God’s idea, but since we don’t have a king like David, he has given us the next best thing on this earth today. And he uses it to protect the citizens. He believes in building walls (refer to ancient Israel) to keep out those who would come and harm the innocent. There is nothing wrong with having laws. This is why we need godly people to elect godly representatives to make good laws. And change old ones obviously our immigration system needs to be fixed. And definitely, America needs prayer. Sir, I think you are very wrong if you assume God has no interest. It was His heart that began this nation as a safe haven for Jews and Christians! And it used to be the only place on earth they were not persecuted. The devil is on an all out attack to change that! And you think our God doesn’t care? That is heartbreaking. Maybe time for some serious history lessons in the church. I submit this in love and continue to pray. I praise God that you live in a country where you are free to speak your mind. And don’t forget to vote! Happy 4th

    • Jeff on July 4, 2018 at 4:56 pm

      Tammy, you should go back and carefully read the blog. Your response sounds like I was talking about each and every Republican or each and every Democrat. You are answering questions I didn’t ask and giving responses to things not said. The entire American political system is broken – that’s the point of the blog. Can God use a broken system? Yes. Did the sovereign God of Heaven place Trump in office? Yes, just as he did Obama. Does He approve or endorse either of them or their respective political parties? No. He uses them because the powers that be are ordained of God (Romans 13:1). Jesus picked and used Judas to accomplish the Father’s sovereign, preordained purposes. Does that mean God endorsed the character or beliefs of Judas, the man? Of course not. My blog was written to tell my audience that the ridiculous notion that God favors one side above another is a spiritual black-hole. He’s not a Republican. He’s not a conservative. He is not a bible-belt right-winger. Nor is he a left-winged, anything goes, do what feels good, I demand my rights, ANTIFA radical. The idea that God Almighty can be squeezed into a 21st Century political platform is borderline blasphemous. The fact that God exalts a leader to accomplish His divine purposes must not be confused with God saying, “I love this political party -they have my vote!” That’s the point of my blog post. Any one who blindly exalts their political party as being representative of the heart of God on all matters is, at best, confused and, at worst, ignorant of the magnitude of the sinlessness of His nature and the sinfulness of American political ideologies. I am an equal opportunity offender, so you have full rights to your opinion. You represent the very people who need to consider the actual point of my blog. The American Right is deeply flawed. The American left suffers from the same disease. Choose your political party but please don’t commit the absurd act of attaching Jesus’ endorsement to it.

  5. Shari Wood on July 4, 2018 at 11:48 am