My Perspective On Tuesday’s Attack in NYC

Jeff Cultural Observations, Mercy

Today, I am going to dogmatic. Though I am sad about what I am about to write, I am going to say it without any cushion or attempt to round the edges. I am going to state something factual, unassailable and undebatable. Some will be uncomfortable with it because they love to leave ambiguity in nearly everything – especially matters of eternity. So, here it goes:

Every single Islamic suicide-terrorist, who commits murder in the name of Mohammed and Allah, goes to hell forever when they die in their self-deluded suicide mission.

Every. Single. One of them.

It brings me no joy to write the words above. For anyone to enter into eternal damnation is the most horrific thought that penetrate a Christian’s mind, if we will actually allow our minds to go there. Please don’t move the goalposts by interjecting something like, “But the Muslim terrorists aren’t the only ones who go to Hell!”  I will easily concede that point to you because it is an obvious statement. I am not speaking of anyone else today except the demonically deluded Muslim terrorist who carries out the will of Satan as he masquerades as their Allah. He is who the ultimate Murderer cultivates human murderers to carry out his longstanding mission to steal, kill and destroy. He smiles as he admires the religious system he has erected which tells them that they will actually enter paradise for killing non-Muslims. He, more than anyone, knows exactly where they will awaken the moment after they complete their damnable mission which kills others, and also themselves. Does this sound unloving as you read it? Is it a little too raw for our politically correct sensibilities? How can I write something so direct and harsh? Because my own bible launches me forward in the confidence to say it when it reveals,

“Everyone who hates his brother is a murderer, and you know that no murderer has eternal life abiding in him.” – 1st John 3:15


Islamic terrorists who die in their murderous missions do not have eternal life, according to God’s Word. We do not need to wonder where they arrive once death shrouds them. They are all in Hell.

Today, there’s at least one Muslim terrorist that I am aware of who still has opportunity to escape the hell-guaranteeing path of the Muslim terrorist.  The twenty-nine-year-old Uzbek man, Sayfullo Habibullaevic Saipov, didn’t die yesterday during the merciless attack on pedestrians on a bike-path. He took some hot lead from New York’s finest, but he survived. Heartbreakingly, at least eight other people did not survive. This follower of Mohammed intentionally crushed the life out of those people beneath the rented flatbed truck he was driving. He mowed them down for his own god. He believed it was an honorable act to commit.

Satan and his demons laughed as the carnage unfolded.

So, I am wondering what will become of this Muslim terrorist, Sayfullo Habibullaevic Saipov. I am hoping that human justice will be swift and full. Yet, I want to be equally dogmatic in stating that I hope, for the sake of his soul, that the mercy of Jesus Christ to him is also swift and full. I hope that the Holy Spirit pursues this man relentlessly as he goes from the hospital to the prison. I pray right now that the Gospel finds this man and that he will repent and yield to its claims on him. I want him to be intersected by followers of Christ who will bring light to the deep darkness in this man’s soul. It would be so glorious toward God for this man to be delivered from the Satanic teachings of his religion, and to be brought to the same brokenness that once saved another terrorist, a zealous Jew named Saul of Tarsus. Yes, I will be as dogmatic as I can be when I confess my parallel desire for both God’s justice and God’s mercy to kiss this soul-dead man on both of his cheeks. It would bring me joy to somehow know for certain that his sins have been purged and that he has met the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ by faith. I hate what he has done, but it is impossible for me to hate him. Him, I love, because I have been loved by the One who also loves him – the same God who pursued, pardoned and saved me.

For whatever reason, Sayfullo Habibullaevic Saipov, did not die yesterday in New York as many of his fellow Muslim terrorists have died in their own attacks. They all entered Hell for eternity. This man still has a chance.

May our God, the Father of Jesus Christ, prove to this man’s deception-soaked heart that He, alone, is Lord, God and King. May this man come to know that his mission was anchored in hellish lies. May he, instead of continuing in blindness and hate, become the recipient of the immeasurable benefits of the mission of Jesus.

A mission that gives life, not takes it.