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When I am praying I need to see Jesus enthroned.  It is essential for me to remember the One to whom I am speaking, and where He has affixed Himself while we are living below.  He is not walking the earth anymore as the Son of Man, where He once experienced hunger and weariness and pain and death.  He is not impaled on a cross, a naked spectacle being mocked by man and forsaken by God.  Jesus Christ is not entombed in a dark and mysterious silence, taken from us, where we cannot sense His presence, hear His voice or receive His love and life.  He is not speaking His final words to us, before lifting off from terra firma to disappear into the clouds in His ascension to glory.  No, when I am praying I must remind myself that I am pleasing my King by seeking Him on His throne.  He has extended His sceptre of welcome to me, and I come boldly before Him to obtain mercy and find grace to help in my time of need. I am trusting that He will both hear my words and act in ways that will satisfy the dual purpose of His heart for my life: His glory and my lasting good.

So I pray to the enthroned One.

I call out to the Sovereign King over all.

I wait upon the timeless God of the Ages to act.

I look to the Faithful Lord who has not forgotten the promises which He has made to us.

I hide myself in the One who has declared that the mutiny of Satan and his demons is a failed effort.

I dance before the One who has called me His child, and promised me that I am accepted, completed and beloved.

I listen to the voice of Him who needs never to speak long or loudly to convince me of His commitment to me.

I move in the Spirit – the very Life and Presence of God Almighty – as I do what I can do for Him, even as I am often waiting to be allowed to do all that I wish to do.

So I rest in Him.  His throne tells me that there is nothing to fear, nothing to dread, nothing to lose. His throne defies me to not believe Him for today – how could I not trust both His heart and His hand?  His throne beckons me to come near and, each time I do, my hesitations about tomorrow melt away.

So I am staying near the throne.  I am praying near the throne.  I am keeping my eyes locked with the One seated upon the throne.  God’s Lamb is ruling there.  My Savior is interceding there.  Our King is reigning there.

King Jesus is smiling when He looks upon me from that throne.  He is actually smiling at me. And He has declared that I am precious to Him.  Today, that is more than enough.


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  1. What you wrote makes perfect sense, Gail. A mom who loses a son has the right to weep, hurt and stare at the ceiling from time to time. He’s not ashamed of your pain. I’m glad He meets us there in our pain. Praying for you now as you continue pressing in to Him.

  2. Thank you, Pastor Jeff, for allowing God to speak to me through You.
    I so needed to read what you wrote. Sometimes , lately, I still crumple inside thinking of Michael . It hurts so bad I don’t think I can take another breath and even hope I won’t . I know I’m not the only one to have lost a child and I and I am sorely aware of my two daughters and the rest of Michael’s love ones who are grieving still. I so understand their pain and try to lend
    Empathy and a shoulder on which to cry as long as they want. That is all I have the strength for right now. I don’t question my lndepth love for Jesus nor my salvation, and I have not been angry at God. I mostly just stare at the ceiling or out into space and remember.
    I so appreciate you reminding me Our Lord isn’t suffering on Earth as we sometimes think”how it used to be”. He Majestically occupies His Heavenly throne next to His Father waiting for the glorious moment in time when He is commanded ” Son, go and get your children!”

    1. Gail, you don’t know me but I’m Jeff’s Dad. I wouldn’t pretend to know your pain the way you know it but I also know that Jesus will guide you through it. The last sentence of your post is a beautiful picture that I had never thought about before. Thank you so much for writing, “Son, go get your children.” That sentence got me excited about our Lord’s return in a way I’ve never experienced. Thank you and may the Lord make His face shine upon you today.

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