Swimming With John Piper


These are certainly days where I am hearing from many of God’s people that He is stretching their faith.  It is not that these people are all saying that they are going through faith-stretching difficulty or pain – some of them are, but most of the people I dialogue with are sensing God moving them to something greater in their lives.  Something bigger.  Something fuller.  For a few years it has felt like I have been clay on the Potter’s spinning wheel. A constant theme in my preaching and writing is the reality that God never ceases stretching His children. He is always calling us to launch out a little further. In the words below, John Piper masterfully illustrates what is at stake when God is inviting us to something beyond our current ability and present experience.  My trusting of God and willingness to jump in accurately reveal what I believe about Him.  Firstly, it reveals what I really believe of God to me, then it next reveals it to others.  In a certain way, God’s fame is being scrutinized by my response to His calling me out further.  Is He also asking you to jump to Him in faith?


“Your daddy is standing in a swimming pool out a little bit from the edge. You are, let’s say, three years old and standing on the edge of the pool. Daddy holds out his arms to you and says, “Jump, I’ll catch you. I promise.” Now, how do you make your daddy look good at that moment? Answer: trust him and jump. Have faith in him and jump. That makes him look strong and wise and loving. But if you won’t jump, if you shake your head and run away from the edge, you make your daddy look bad. It looks like you are saying, “he can’t catch me” or “he won’t catch me” or “it’s not a good idea to do what he tells me to do.” And all three of those make your dad look bad.  But you don’t want to make God look bad. So you trust him. Then you make him look good–which he really is. And that is what we mean when we say, “Faith glorifies God” or “Faith gives God glory.” It makes him look as good as he really is. So trusting God is really important.” – John Piper