I’m Leaving Hungry


That long-awaited time of the year has arrived for my family. We will be doing a little traveling over the next couple of weeks, enjoying some time together celebrating Alicia’s graduation from high-school and Landon becoming a teenager. Time is flying at a faster clip than I can ever remember and, for a couple of months, I have found myself moving in and out of nostalgia over the past and dreams for the future. My hope is that this vacation for us will be intentional, with me savoring these memory-making moments with my wife and children.

Below is a video of a song that has meant a lot to Amy and me over the last couple of weeks. I’m unsure how we missed it when it was released back in 2013. The songwriter, Jimmy Needham, taps into something that so many of us are still longing for and believing God to bring to the Church. With its simple piano and acoustic guitar approach, his words really press on my hungers for authenticity among Jesus-followers. If you read this blog regularly, it is likely due in some part for your hunger to live free from the religious attachments that have plagued the Church in America for so long. We really want Jesus – His love, His truth and a potent manifestation of His glory in our own generation. This song capsulizes that desire in us. I hope you will watch the video and listen to it all the way through and ask yourself if you are willing to “clear the stage” with me. Before I sign off for a little while as we travel, let me also leave you with a handful of thoughts about what I am looking for and expecting as a Christian, a husband and father, a church leader and one whose spiritual appetites allow for nothing inauthentic to be left on the menu. Lord Jesus, impart your heart to us in its fulness. Ruin us for this world.

I love the Church, but I cannot do church ever again.

Worship music is so important. Worshiping music is awful. Not knowing the difference between the two is the worst.

God’s Word is immeasurably important to me. Knowing its Author intimately is more important to me.

I love it when people love what I write or what I preach. I don’t love them loving it so much that I would change what I say, though. I’m not addicted to the amens.

Our crowds have been bigger and bigger at the church where I serve. I sometimes wonder if everyone’s grasp of what we aim to do for King Jesus is growing at the same pace. I’m not playing around, buying time or earning a living. I’m compelled by the beauty of a King. He is worthy of the greatest we can possibly release.

I want uncontainable Revival. I do not want scheduled revival meetings.

Feeling the presence of God is gloriously good. Worshiping Him when I don’t feel Him at all is more precious, though.

I’ve never been busier in Kingdom work. Fortunately, I’ve also never been more blessed. If I had the first but not the second, I do not believe the Father’s heart would be pleased. It’s hard work these days, but hard does not equal bad.

I know that I am deader to this world than I used to be. I also know that I am not yet dead enough.

I know that I am more alive in Jesus than I have ever been. I also know that there is more life to experience in Him.

Every day I expect breakthrough. Most days it does not come like I desired. I press through the days when it does not come because I am convinced that we have already begun days that lead to a point where breakthroughs come and never stop again. This is why I get up in the morning.

It is still all about Jesus for me. Sometimes it can get complicated. That is why I must keep it all about Jesus. He is never complicated.