His Strength Awoke Before I Did

Jeff Bible, FAITH, Hope, Humility, Spiritual Growth

“Blessed be the Lord, who daily bears us up; God is our salvation.” – Psalm 68:19

Is this what my faith looks like today?

What an awesome though today to realize that while my mind shuts down in sleep, as my body rests vulnerable in the night’s darkness, and at the same time that I am doing nothing in slumber…God Almighty is doing everything in engaged omnipotence.  The Sovereign Shepherd never naps.


This morning I believe that I should focus on the word “daily” in the verse above.  God’s offer of strength is proportional to the demands of each new day.  I’m not the utmost of discerning Christians but I have learned that each day God faithfully provides…enough.  Today we have enough peace available.  We are endowed with enough power for what awaits us as believing pilgrims.  God is giving you enough grace in the midst of difficulties that you would rather not have encountered.  It may not seem so but it is solid truth to say that you have at your disposal enough wisdom for each perplexity that finds you today.  God’s Word declares that He will “bear you up” every single day.  May I offer you the following counsel in light of this truth?

  • Don’t work at being stout today.  Be patiently yielded instead.
  • Don’t work at pleasing God today.  Take relief in that you are fully accepted by Him through what Jesus has already accomplished. His pleasure in you will affect from you what pleases Him.
  • Don’t pretend you’re not afraid today and then deceitfully call it “faith”.  Have faith to tell God that you ARE afraid and that you need His balm upon your fretful heart.
  • Don’t think on the next 5 weeks, 5 months or 5 years.  Think about today and welcome God to shepherd you upon paths of His “enough-ness”.
  • Don’t scurry, hurry, worry and flurry today as if it all depended upon you.  We best care for and tend to our own children when they lie still in our arms.  The same is true of our Heavenly Father as He daily bears us up.

You are greatly loved today by the God whose strength awoke before you ever did this morning.  He is awesomely reliable and thinks no ill towards His own.  Life may not make sense today but allow your limited understanding to motivate you to surrender yourself further to His capable hands.  If you can do that today, you will find me there also: cradled, comforted and content.