His Extreme Cross

Jeff Sacrifice, Salvation, Sin

The Cross of Jesus Christ:
There has been no greater display of mankind’s sin.
There has been no sicker revelation of Satan’s evil.
There has been no clearer manifestation of religion’s blindness.
There has been no deeper abandonment of any human being.
There has been no more horrific agony ever endured.
There has been no more savage mockery to ever escape human lips.
There has been no more lavish display of the Father’s love.
There has been no more sacrificial depth than the Son’s commitment.
There has been no more certain closure on justice enacted.
There has been no more explosive declaration of God’s mercy.
There has been no other alternative granted for us to be received by the Father.
The cross of Jesus Christ was the most extreme event to ever occur on the planet. The Holy Savior was made to be the fullest of sin. Most people who were there that day barely noticed. None of them understood. Sadness and perplexity ruled the afternoon on Golgotha’s darkened hill. The entire host of demons roared with diabolical glee as they celebrated what would be a very short victory. Heaven’s angels watched in stillness and silence, uninvited to wage holy war against the human and demonic perpetrators of this unparalleled crime. The Father turned His back on the Son, fully forsaking Him in that moment when His perfect justice was enacted. The sun closed its eyes and the land went dark as its Creator was slain.
The Son bore the weight of all of this.
He felt it around Him. It was upon Him.
It pierced into Him.
It consumed Him completely until He cried out that it was finished.
He then dismissed His spirit from His body.
It was over for now.
There has never been a darker day.
Three days later, the world would begin to know that the light was not extinguished.