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Faith: Shadow or Substance?

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  1. Jackeline on October 22, 2016 at 7:50 pm

    Hello Pastor Jeff,

    Could you explain to me what you meant by “Nobody becomes spiritually stronger until their faith is taken beyond its current state and made to intrude into previously unexplored territory”. Is it like being in a place/situation you have been before and did not have faith/enough faith for God to get you through it that you have to revisit that place again? Or have I been there but did not acknowledge it. The part I do not understand is “made to intrude into previously unexplored territory”.
    And another part I struggle with is putting aside this life, the life right now where you have all these responsibilities and you know you have to trust the LORD to be with you in every situation. From what I have been learning we should walk in the Spirit always but sometimes it gets difficult. How do you stop it from being difficult?
    Thank you so much for bring this topic up, I have been struggling and desire to become stronger in this area!