Embracing Brokenness – Amy Lyle testimony

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This past Sunday evening, my co-pastor, Billy Humphrey, asked my wife, Amy, to share some of her story. In 2011, Amy was hit head-on by a distracted driver. She nearly died, but God allowed her to survive the impact of the collision.  Her mother who was her passenger, heartbreakingly, did not survive. Amy received extensive injuries which threatened to leave her in a wheel-chair for life. From that moment in 2011, everything changed for Amy. As one who knows the depths of suffering and loss, Amy’s words carry authority on the topic of embracing brokenness. Take ten minutes to listen. May God richly comfort all of you who are pressing in to Him through your pain and loss.

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  1. Such a powerful God-filled night. I had been saying for several days to HIM “God I’m broken, don’t You see me? God I’m broken, what else do You want? God I’m broken and lonely. God I’m broken…help me.”
    I’ve been desperate for weeks. So, when I heard about the new way the Sunday night service was going to be, I made myself go because there was this strong pull in me…I went to that service with some hope; but I didn’t know what I should expect from HIM. I walked in with such pain and hurt and a longing for Him to do something. I didn’t know what though. I tried to praise Him in song and prayer…I tried to worship Him. My heart was sincere. At some point, I told Him I wasn’t going to leave until I received something from Him.
    Amy’s words were right in their timing for me. I went forward and cried and cried and cried. I couldn’t stop. I knew I was broken, but then I just wanted to unload all the fear, hurt, pain, loneliness, and weaknesses. So, all I could do was cry. I couldn’t pray. I knew He knew though.
    God blessed me tremendously on this night. He touched me. The Spirit moved for me, God showed me Love and manifested in a way I’d never known personally. I really can’t explain it in the glorious way it happened. The people He guided to me…it’s unforgettable. His touch through them… oh Glorious Father Thank You!
    I’m believing these Sunday night services will be the way to a revival breaking out as the Spirit is allowed to move as only God directs. Big things are going to happen. A “shift” took place. I’m ready.
    Once you’ve experienced this, you will always want more.

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      This is so good, Tammy. I knew the Lord was touching you on Sunday night and was so grateful for the ladies who were ministering to you. Your comment above highlights a great reality in the Kingdom: when you felt nothing at the beginning, you kept pressing in, refusing to give up. You kept pressing in and that is what led to your experience of His grace, mercy and hope. This is a huge component of our faith – allowing our Spirit controlled will to take the lead instead of our emotions. You willed to keep pressing in inspire of not feeling anything from God at the beginning. Breakthrough is awaiting us when we choose to believe that He is too good to ignore the broken and contrite hearts we carry. So happy for you.

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