Christmas Desire

Jeff Hope, Salvation

Jesus was born once upon on earth that we might be born twice for Heaven.

Jesus was announced by angelic heralds so that we might learn the value of proclaiming Him as human heralds.

Jesus was worshiped by blue-collar shepherds so that all classes of humanity might see they are welcome to do the same.

Jesus was held by a mother who understood little of who He was. She was our forerunner, as we also falter in our comprehension of the unfathomable worth of Jesus.

A brilliant star guided wise men from a far place.  In this account we catch a glimpse of the illuminating work of the Holy Spirit who draws us near to Jesus so that we might also personally meet Him.

A vicious king Herod sought to kill the prophesied Christ-child, and he murdered countless babies in his desire to protect his own reign.  To this very day, the prince of darkness has as his highest aim to exterminate the Savior’s presence from our lives. Herod failed miserably and met his deserved doom. So will Satan.

When it was time to officially present the baby, Joseph and Mary went to the temple.  There waited faithful Simeon who had been previously told by the Holy Spirit that his own life would continue on until his own physical eyes rested upon the Messiah.  When Simeon saw the infant in Mary’s arms, he took Jesus into his own and gave great praise unto God for showing him his King.  The wait was over.  God’s word proved to be true.  The King had arrived…and now Simeon could go to his grave in peace.  This is a fitting picture for all of us who wait for the return of this very same King.  We have God’s word that Jesus Christ will come to earth again.  We wait on that moment.  We look for Him through eyes of faith, anticipating that glorious event.  When He returns, we will not take Him into our arms as Simeon did.

He will take us all into His. 

There is no greater Christmas desire than this.