About Transforming Truth

Why another website for another Christian ministry?

Our world is full of voices which beg our attention. Pitches, promises, and platforms are abounding, yet we often discover that there is very little substance behind what is being said. This world does not need one more spokesperson who claims to have the end-all answer for life’s greatest needs. This world needs TRUTH – unchanging, powerful, proven, and empowering TRUTH. There is only one place to find this: God’s eternal Word.  When it comes to Christian ministries, schools and churches we have learned the following:  trends deceive us, traditions can enslave us but it is only the Truth which transforms us.

Transforming Truth exists to offer relevant Bible teaching that seeks to separate the opinion of man from the revelation of God. In the person of Jesus Christ, God has revealed Himself to us. Once Christ is received as Lord of one’s life, then the amazing journey begins. The Holy Spirit personally continues the same work which Jesus began two thousand years ago. Where are we going, and how do we get there? The Bible is the map for life, and our Guide is the Holy Spirit. Because we have all that we need for the journey, we will discover that we are being transformed daily by the power of Jesus Christ.

Our mission is to be used by God as He works His incredible plan in the lives of believing individuals as they purpose to both receive and give all that God intends for them. Join us on this journey: the path may at times be steep, but the end destination is settled forever.


Jeff Lyle: “What You See Is What You Get…”


Plain and simple, meat and potatoes and any other cliché that serves to let you know that I’m not too complicated to figure out. I make my home just north of Atlanta, Georgia and live there in suburban bliss with my family. I married the love of my life, Amy, in 1997, and God has richly blessed us with two precious children. My family serves the people of New Bridge Church in Lawrenceville, GA.

Having grown up in church most of my childhood, I unfortunately walked away as a teenager and immersed myself in a lifestyle far from the principles taught to me by the Christians who had cared for me early on. Experiencing all of life’s pleasures, yet finding loneliness, emptiness, and guilt too much to bear, God intervened and I received Christ as my Lord and Savior at the age of 24.

As God immediately began overhauling my life, I quickly discovered the power of the Scriptures and, as God gave me a growing appetite for truth, I realized that I had finally found what I had been looking for my whole life in this growing relationship with Jesus Christ. Honestly, I have never looked back and I’m enjoying this journey with Jesus each day I’m graced to live it.  One of the unique marks of this ministry is that we believe in and proclaim both the objective authority of God’s Word, and also the supernatural work of the Holy Spirit. You do not have to choose between loving your Bible and being filled and gifted by the Holy Spirit! I love to communicate God’s truth to others and would be blessed to come and share at any venue where God opens the door.  If you would like to find out more about the possibility of me coming to share with you, contact me here and I will get back with you quickly. All of our resources are available on this website for free, so please tell others about Transforming Truth in order that we might strengthen them along the way.