A Word to Shepherds & Sheep


Pastors & church leaders,

God is not doing anything yesterday.

Don’t seek to preserve it – even the best of it. Status quo leaders shepherding status quo flocks is not the Kingdom.

We are commissioned to stay at pace with the God who is making all things new. Don’t play it safe today. Lead! Stretch the people of God. Challenge them – they deserve to be taken beyond themselves. Stop presuming upon God to accomplish sovereignly what He has called you to work towards intentionally. Stand fast on the revelation and authority of God’s Word. Wait for God the Spirit. Call those you serve and lead to step into the radical expectation of King Jesus. Most of the people whom you shepherd are dissatisfied with their Christian experience. They want more. God has appointed you to show them how to step into all that He has for them. Be bold. Leave religious maintenance for somebody else. You are appointed for a time like this to pray, listen, believe and LEAD.


Christian followers,

Do not settle for westenrized, status quo Christianity.

The Church in America is being pursued by a King who is dissatisfied with the lukewarm heart of His compromised bride.

Holy Spirit is working to awaken you with a call to passion and intimacy with Jesus. He is working to deliver you from christianized religious routines. Sundays are meant to explode, not trickle. God has a word for you if you will determine to have ears to hear. Don’t show up to your home church with a clipboard and checklist. He has not called you to be a Kingdom critic. Show up today as one who has pre-worshipped! It’s not the worship leader’s job to bring you into God’s presence. You should show up carrying the presence of God upon you. Surrender before the altar call! Hunger and thirst more for the agenda of Heaven than the kickoff of your favorite team. Tune your antennae to Heaven’s signal. We worship God who speaks, and there is no shortage of what He wants to say to you. Listen for His voice. Empty your heart of its idols. Bury your bitterness because you have yourself been forgiven so much. Dare to come to the King with nothing but need, hope and love. You were made for more than another Sunday of going through the pathetic motions of mindless religious routine. Believe today – believe, child of God!

He is not nearly finished with you.