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  1. John on November 9, 2011 at 10:59 pm

    awesome post. I had a quick question. just wanted to get your perspective on an issue. Concerts?? I know that things are to be to God but i just came from reading this

    and it talked about using concerts as a witnessing tool??? idk. I’m just trying to get your perspective. you seem friendly enough to give it lol 🙂

    john 🙂

    • jeff on November 10, 2011 at 6:16 am

      John, for me it is not an either/or situation. I think much of my answer would depend on questions like: Who is the musical group being considered? Are they faithful to a local church or have they gotten “past the local church thing’? Is it a business arrangement or are they coming to serve (I once was told by a man looking to have a concert at our church that he needed the sanctuary temperature set to a certain degree and 20 ounces of Sprite on ice on the platform for him to drink) ? I also believe it is important to consider the church culture and how the congregation responds to concerts – will it be edifying, will it be a stumbling block, is it supposed to be a time of worship or is it a time dedicated to winning the unsaved? My greatest hesitation in your original question above is when you mentioned a concert as a witnessing tool. It is only the Holy Spirit’s use of the Word that brings about faith in an unbeliever’s heart. Certainly God is not limited in how He gets His truth across to a needy soul but I’m not confident that a Christian rock concert is a method i would use to seek to reach the lost. If an evangelist is present to share god’s truth about sin and salvation, I don’t have an issue with music also being a part of the strategy to confront the unsaved with their need to repent. I recognize, however, that spiritual/Christian music in scripture is seen as something tightly reserved for the redeemed, not for the unsaved. This is the only area of your question where a caution flag arises for me. If a group of believers want to have gifted musicians and vocalists in for an edifying, encouraging time of music then I’m all for that. Hope this helps.